Wrong. He Get’s You.

“Things will never chnage between us will they, Sirius?” I asked him curiously, resting my head upon his chest. “No, I don’t think so, Britney.” He answered, his voice hummed inside his chest as he spoke. And what a marvelous sound that made. But now, that sound is lost to me. Never will I be able to hear his hum again. It wasn’t to long ago that this was. One day we were talking and being merry. The next I get the word that he is..dead. My Sirius, dead. I know it can’t really be true, that man is indestructible. But everytime I think I hear his voice and turn around, it turns out to be some person that I have never seen before. Same goes for when I think I see him, I blink and notice it was just my imagination. This life is no longer good to me.“You’re really starting to annoy me with all your moping around.” She said with a hiss from over her coffee mug. Most likely drinking french vanilla coffee mixed with hot cocoa again, seeing as she couldn’t bear the taste of coffee on its own. “Well, you will just have to get over it.” I shot back towards her. I saw her roll her eyes so I threw a spoon in her direction to shut her up. I grabbed a tub of chocolate fudge brownie ice cream from the freezer. “Hey thats mine!” Jillian said from the table. “Not anymore.” I replied, grabbing another spoon and leaving the kitchen. There was a knock on the door so I went over and answered it. “She’s in the kitchen Ron.” I said before he even got his greeting out. I opened the ice cream and dipped my spoon in. He shrugged and made his way into the kitchen.

~Later that afternoon~

There was another knock on the door. And seeing as Ron and Jillian were still in the kitchen I had to answer it again. I let out a sigh and pulled myself up off of the couch, setting down the almost empty tub of ice cream. I walked over and opened the door. I am almost positive that a look of surprise crossed my face, for standing at the door was Draco Malfoy. Draco Malfoy for God’s sakes. “Err..” I said before I could keep it back. “Same to you. Where’s Jillian?” He asked. “Erm..In the kitchen.” I said stepping back so he could get inside. He entered without another word and made his way into the kitchen. I stood there for a while, trying to figure out why Draco Malfoy of all people would be here. I shrugged it off eventually and closed the door to go back to my ice cream.

So anyway, after a while I got kind of bored. So I crept over towards the kitchen door and leaned towards it. Just as I did it opened again, Ron standing there. “…Britney. What are you doing?” He asked with a very confused look on his face. “Er..getting a drink. So can you move?” I said, making up something so I wouldn’t get caught. “Yeah..” He said before leaving, Draco following after him. I made my way into the kitchen after seeing the two of them out of the house. “What was that all about?” I asked Jillian. “Nothing.” She answered immediatly. Well as if that doesn’t make the fact that you were discussing something obvious. I thought to myself. “Uh-huh…” I said before sitting down across from her, having nothing else to do. “They will be back soon.” Jillian said going over to the sink and rinsing out her mug before placing it in the dishwasher. “What for?” I asked, prying more. “No reason, is it so weird having friends over?” She retorted. “I guess not, but still. Since when are you friends with Draco Malfoy?” I asked. “Since I needed to be.” She shot back before making her way out of the kitchen and upstairs. I listened until her footsteps disappeared before digging through the freezer for more ice cream. None.

~That evening, around 8p.m.~

There was another knock on the front door. Jillian got to answer it this time as she came storming down the stairs in order to beat me to it. She shooed me away and pulled it open once I was gone. She said hello to what sounded to be two visitors. “We’ll be upstairs Britney!” I heard her shout to me as the three of them pounded upstairs. Ron and Draco had apparently arrived again. I sighed and made my way into the living room, plopped down on the sofa and flipped through a random magazine out of my bordome. Around half an hour passed when I heard footsteps on the stairs. Jillian emerged around the corner with a grin glued to her face. “What?” I asked her curiously, raising a brow. “Nothing. Just stay right there.” She replied with a malicious tone. “Oh lord, what am I going to have to witness?” I asked her, rather concerned about this. “You’ll enjoy it, I promise.” She replied, looking a bit anxious. “Okay boys! You can come down now!” She shouted a bit louder then necessary.

There were footsteps on the steps now. I braced myself for the worst. When the boys came in I found myself bursting with laughter. It was Draco and Ron who had arrived earlier. But, they weren’t really dressed as themselves. Draco was in a rather wonderful emerald thong with shackle style bracelets on either wrist. Ron was in a similar style outfit, except his thong was a bright orange color and he had a collar rather then bracelets. Jillian was beaming brightly and I was doubled over on the sofa with a giggle fit. “Why on earth are they dressed like that?” I found myself asking. “Oh I thought it would work to cheer you up. As I said this morning, your moping was rather bothersome.” She replied eyeing Ron through the corner of her eye. “And I take it I get Draco?” I said still choking back giggles. “Wrong. He get’s you.” Draco said answering for himself.


The Vampires Are Growing Tired

She sighs; it’s nothing new, of course. Twilight is coming and she waits for true darkness so she can be released of her prison.

Five minutes, why isn’t it dark yet? It should be true night by now. Over a thousand years of this, a thousand fucking years and she still isn’t used to coffins and darkness.

‘ALEC!’ She shouts from within her Italian coffin and she can hear the beating of his heart, the quickened breathing. ‘Alec, I can hear you, fool. Come over here NOW,’ her voice thundered around the room and Alec cringed.

‘Yes, Mistress.’ He replied, waling over to the coffin sitting in the middle of a room in the heart of the Manor.

‘Has the sun set?’ Her voice was calm, reasonable and Alec cringed nonetheless, he betted that hell was full of voices like that.

‘Nearly, Mistress, nearly. A few moments and all will be well.’ his voice didn’t shake, points for him. Alec was new, and mortal. Human servants weren’t a new concept, not to vampires. The humans know how dangerous the vampires were and rarely double-crossed them. Rouge vampires and master vampires were the most dangerous of the lot and lying under the lid of the expensive, Old Italian coffin, on padded French silk lay one of the most powerful, and deadly Masters the country has seen in a long time.

The lid opened and opening her eyes Anita looked up at Alec, he was young, his skin slightly tanned and he was strong. Anita watched him with a stillness that only death could master as he offered her his hand, she didn’t need it, of course, and that didn’t matter so much. She removed herself from her wooden cage, watching Alec’s shoulder length light brown hair as he prepared the coffin for the morning.

‘Good evening, pretty boy,’ she smiled pleasantly. He felt chills down his spine.

Her coven was in full attendance in the living room as she walked down the stairs of the mansion, her black slightly curled hair running loose down over her shoulders to her arse. They all noticed her, they had felt her wake. Anita was a presence like none other most of them had ever known. Something so powerful you just knew about it.

She looked like a true vampire should, full hair, pale complexion, blood red lips and long slender limbs. She was clothed in expensive silk made into a corset and a blood red full skirt, there was black lace one the corset and skirt.

She stood in the doorway, pale blue eyes looking over them as if to wonder if they were worth the worry and perhaps she should just go about her business.

‘Clarisse?’ Anita asked and watched one of the ladies rise from her chair.

‘Yes, Anita?’ she said, vampires call each other by name no matter what ranking.

‘Have there been anymore attacks?’

‘No, no there haven’t. Thankfully.’

‘Does Elizabeth know about the attacks?’ Anita asked; Elizabeth was a friend of hers, as far as friends go in the world of vampires. Another master, not quite as old but just about as good. Anita tapped her fingers against the door impatiently as she waited for Clarisse to answer her.

‘No, she hasn’t.’ She replied, the blond vampire’s words were sure and Anita slammed her hand against the doorframe, denting it. She could do worse, if she was trying.

They flinched, afraid. Anita had killed her Coven members before, but this wouldn’t get them killed or punished, just yelled at. Then again, maybe it’s the same thing. Turning, Anita walked towards the front door and one of the butlers held it open for her as she stormed out of the house to find Elizabeth herself, you know the saying… if you want something done right…

A Present (bah, bad title xD)

The black haired girl grabbed the redheads elbow, tugging him along beside her towards a big black-bay Dutch Warmblood stallion who was eyeing them warily. Britney tossed her long fringe out of her face as she brought Ron right up to the stallion and shoved him infront of it; Ron squeaked as he reached around behind him, clawing at anything within reach to try to pull her back infront of him, “I CHANGED MY MIND! I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS! I’LL GIVE HER A DIFFERENT PRESENT!” he cried as he managed to grab her shoulder and pull her to his side — she wouldn’t budge any further. “Oh Ron, stop being such a baby! You get on that horse and do everything I tell you this instant!” she snapped, setting her hands on her hips and did a brilliant impersonation of Mrs.Weasley. Ron whined but stepped towards the stallions side and stared up at the saddle; “How the hell do you expect me to ride this thing?” he asked, hesitantly prodding at the stirrup which jingled and caused the big stallion to swat his long tail into Ron’s face (as he was facing the horses flanks) and Ron spun around sputtering and cursing at the horse when a girl brought up another horse, a smaller stallion of Arabian heritage and handed the reigns to Britney who smiled in thanks.
“Ron… I have a feeling this is going to take a while. Now, you watch me and mimick me — DON’T YOU SASS ME!” she snarled, narrowing her dark eyes at the redhead who was mocking her. Ron grabbed the Warmbloods bridle and brought his head around infront of his own to hide behind him and Britney scoffed, one hand on her hip while the other stroked her horses face, “Ron — That horse isn’t going to save you from me unless you learn how to ride it. Now. the lesson is starting.” she turned the horse around so it was facing the opposite of Ron’s Warmblood so that he could see and she set her foot in the stirrup and grabbed the top of the saddle with on hand and a handful of mane with the other — “Not sure if everyone does it this way, but its how I do it,” she started before she gave a little hop and swung herself up and onto the chestnuts back, patting his neck and telling him how much of a good boy he was, Ron gave a whine as he slowly set his foot in the stirrup, it made a racket again and the Warmblood turned his head and gave Ron a hard nip on the arse just as his hands touched the saddle, and suddenly Ron found himself in the saddle but far too forward. “Brit — What — What’s he doing!?!?!” Ron yelped as he horse gave a snort and took off, head low to his knees while muscles began bunching beneath the saddle. “Ron! JUST FALL OFF!” Britney called, nudging her Arabian into a canter along after the big warmblood, but Ron wasn’t listening; Ron was haunched forward with his arms around what he could grab of the Warmbloods neck as it started bucking and before he knew it he was lying flat on his back, air knocked out of him while the Warmblood stood over him snorting.
“Ron… Maybe we should switch horses — I think he’s too much for yo–” she started but was cut off by Ron huffing and jumping up as he grabbed the big stallions cheekstraps and brought his face to his own; “Now you are going to help me with this, you stupid horse,” the horse shook his head. “Ooh yes you are or its off to the meat factory for you!” “RON!” “Hush! — Now, I’m going to get on you now and you will NOT throw me off this time!” Ron told the horse as he started towards the horses side and quickly got into the saddle — after about six attempts, the horse aiding him in the seventh by jerking his head towards Ron’s arse again and that was all it took to get Ron to spring up to the saddle.
“Finally. Ron… Stop sticking your legs out like that — your legs aren’t planks of wood — let them hang down around the horses barrel –” “What barrel?” “Oh you idiot. I mean his stomach – ribs – middle. Point your toes up, heels down… Not your toes down and heels up!” Britney looked down at her horse, shaking her head, “This is going to be a long, long day…”
“Oh Ron! Your getting so good at this!” Britney squealed, clapping her hands as Ron trotted past her on the big Warmblood looking much more natural and relaxed than he had the past few days. “Oh please — No loud noises…” Ron mumbled, he was having a headache but was out here anyway and it seemed the big stallion under him knew it because he was much better behaved today, and not neighing his bloody head off like the day before.
The Arabian tossed his head as Britney sent him into a trot and caught up to Ron, “It’s time for the party – go bring Sultan in and change, I’ll brush out the horses and you go meet Birthday girl at the doors.” she said as she looked down at her watch. They turned out of the feild and went out the open gate into the stable walk and quickly into the dark cool stable building; Sultan (the Warmblood) didn’t even wait for Ron to get off as he headed for his stall but Ron turned him and brought him back towards Britney.
“Right. I’m off.” he said as he slid down and took off into the Staff room to change into his clothes there.
Jillian stood at the entrance to Britney’s training Stable, spotting her car off on the side. “Oh great. She’s not out here.” Jillian sighed, she’d been having a pretty shitty birthday so far and she hadn’t even gotten to see her bestfriend OR her boyfriend in a week. AND THEY ALL LIVED TOGETHER.
Ron stepped out of the barn and strode towards Jillian, smiling at her with the smile he knew would get her to stop looking so terribley sad and pouty. His smile broadened at the sight of her outfit – blue jeans and a light coloured top that clung to her rather large breast. ‘I love that top…’ he thought as his eyes caught onto the low neckline that threatened to show off alot of clevage if she happened to tug the shirt down an inch or bend over, he quickly shook the thought away – his own jeans were much too tight for thoughts like that.
Jillian looked up from staring at her shoes and saw the broad smile on Ron’s face and she smiled back, almost melting on the spot from looking between his pretty green eyes and his gorgeous smile and then her eyes drifted lower to his outfit and she nearly choked; a button up long sleeve white shirt tucked into tight blue jeans and he was wearing cowboy boots (she nearly giggled at the sight of them) but then her eyes went back to his jeans and top and all she could think was ‘ohmygod’. Ron strode up to her and wrapped his long arms around her, pulling her into a warm hug as his lips decended to hers and he kissed her deeply and was slightly surprised when she returned the kiss back hungrily and a tad rougher than she’d meant for it to be.
“Happy to see me then?” He asked when he finally pulled away from her, setting one hand on his hip. “God yes! Er, I mean, yeah, I haven’t seen you for days..” she replied, blushing furiously from her outburst of ‘God yes!’, but Ron smiled and kissed her forehead as he wrapped one arm around her back and led her to the stable where Britney stood standing between to tall black-bay warmbloods; a stallion, Sultan and a mare affectionately called Jazzy (short for Jasmine). Britney said not a word, but winked at Ron who grinned and nodded as he took Sultan’s rein in his hand and took Jazzy’s and offered them to Jillian. “Jillian, let’s go for a ride.” he said and Jillian didn’t reply, she just lunged at him with her arms around his neck and kissed him again.
“You know Ron — I think it’s only your outfit that’s got her so happy – guy in tight pants. Makes any girl speechless — So I doubt it’s really because of -you-.” Britney mused, smirking before taking off as Ron kicked a rock after her.
Ron helped her up onto the horse and then hopped onto his own. “I found this pretty little place down in the valley over there…”


AuthorBit: Now you just have to wait for the next installment/peice! XD Oh, and I’m sorry its so badly written x.x

Thong clad Gals n Guys

Britney, Steph, and Jillian dropped the last of the cardboard boxes and dropped into the nearest seats. Britney groaned as she sunk back into the sofa, “Why couldn’t we have used magic?” she asked as she closed her eyes and dropped her hand onto her face.
“Because we’re in a muggle neighborhood is why.” Jillian said, looking rather annoyed that they had moved into a muggle neighborhood. Steph was the only one who didn’t look bothered. “Oh hush. Lets not complain and just figure out what we’re doing the rest of the night.” She said as she glanced over at the clock; only 7:00 pm.
Jillian stood up and went to her room, changing her clothes to an outfit of knee-high thick wool Chudley Canons socks, Chudley Canons thong and a top that sported the letters CC and a snitch. She strutted back out into the livingroom and dropped down into her chair again as Britney stood up.
“Lets have a thong-themed party since it’s our first night here.” She suggested as she ran her fingers through her hair, an idea forming in her brain. Steph smiled, nodding her agreement as she stood up and walked to her room.


Britney had changed into a baby blue tee and a shimmering baby blue thong and some fishnet stockings she had lying around in her room. Steph had changed into a dark purple tee and a dark purple thong that had slender light purple swirls over it, proclaiming that she was the Queen of Purple. Britney leant lightly against the wall when Steph came out of the room. “Hey. Can you tell Jillian to conjure up some Butterbeers for six?” Brit asked Steph when she’d stepped out of the room. Steph quirked an eye brow curiously but shrugged her shoulders and did as she was asked, leaving Britney plotting a surprise.


The girls were laid out on the floor infront of the tv watching the news about a crazy person on the loose when someone banged on the door. Britney stood up and sprinted to the door before the other two had even let out a breathe and had it open smiling at the people there. The voices were familiar but muffled and Jillian and Steph exchanged wondering glances.
Britney walked back into the room, a look of amusement on her face as three men followed her; Sirius Black just behind her, Rodolphus Lestrange behind him looking more than annoyed, and Ron Weasley behind him blushing lightly at the sight of the three girls in thongs. “Girls, I thought it’d be fun to have some friends over.” Brit said as she dropped down onto the couch. Sirius grinned and dropped down beside her, Rodolphus smiled down to Steph and sat down beside her, and Ron sat down infront of Jillian who promptly squealed and jumped into his lap (which caused his cheeks to burn a brighter shade of red).
Britney reached over and pulled a deck of cards out of the desk near the couch and looked around before she spoke. “Let’s play strip poker.”


The guys ended up in nothing but their own thongs; Sirius in a pair of red ones, Rodolphus in a pair of black ones and Ron in Chudley Canon orange and black ones. Britney had Sirius clothes put on over her own, Steph had Roddy’s tossed behind her and Jillian covered Ron’s clothes in Harry’s invisibility cloak that she’d borrowed the day before.
Britney stood up and dropped down into Sirius’ lap, whispering something into his ear that made him blush violently. Rodolphus gave her a look of disgust before scooting over beside Steph, who likewise whispered something into his ear, and Jillian stood and then sat beside Ron and whispered something into his ear as well. The girls continued whispering things into the guys ears while holding ropes behind each of their backs until they knew the guys where quite into what they were saying…


Steph, Jillian, and Britney slumped into each other roaring with laughter. Britney’s foot sat lightly on-top of Sirius’ back, Jillian’s was on Ron’s arse, and Steph’s was on Rodolphus’ shoulder. The men where hog-tied and gagged with pantyhose.
Party’s are always so much fun when you have three crazy chicks together aren’t they?

Your Not Getting it Back

“Draco!” He called storming across the courtyard. Without stopping he grabbed the blonde’s arm and dragged him into a secluded area. “What?” Draco hissed, his fists clenching and unclenching. “Did you take them?” Harry asked him. His face flushed red and his hair messed up. His tie loosened and his robes a bit askew.“Take what?” Draco asked, a bit flustered that he was being accused for theft of something he didn’t even know. “You know what I’m talking about, from last night.” Harry said dropping his voice to just above a whisper. “No I don’t know, now what?” Draco asked getting annoyed with Harry for going around the subject. The brunette let out a deep sigh and looked around again. “The thong, did you take it?” Harry said in a mumble. “I can’t understand a word your saying Harry, you have to talk louder.” Draco hissed, leaning against a tree. “The thong Draco!” Harry practically yelled.

A few girls nearby giggled and Harry’s skin flushed a deeper red then ever before. “Geez, was that necassary Harry?” Draco grumbled, hiding his face in his hand and moving behind the tree. “Its your fault! Get your hearing checked. Now do you have it or not?” Harry persisted. “Yes, and your not getting it back.” Draco replied. He spun around and walked off, back towards his group. A slight smile crossed his lips before fading into a scowl as the giggling girls passed infront of him.

Don’t You Like It?

She snorted in disgust and looked away. “Go away Sirius.” She scowled still not looking at him. She focused on a butterfly that fluttered past the window and then on the leaves rolling over the ground like tumbleweeds. “What are you so mad at? I didn’t even do anything!” Sirius said out of breath. She didn’t reply. “Britney, look at me.” He pleaded, sitting down on the armchair in front of her. She refused, keeping her attention on the window.

He sighed and stood up, leaving the room. Off to ponder what she was so mad at perhaps. For he still did not know what made women act the way they did. Britney waited until he was gone before erupting into silent giggles. She picked up the phone that she had hidden beneath a couch pillow, thankful that he didn’t sit there. After while she hung up and walked upstairs.The next day was Saturday. Both Britney and Sirius awoke late. The phone rang and Britney answered, due to Sirius’ current murderer status he couldn’t. Another thing to be thankful for. “Hello?” She asked before smiling at the voice on the other end. She listened for a while. “Yeah its still on.” She said after a while, silence fell as she listened again. “Alright, see you then.” She hung up and made her way downstairs.

“Who was that?” Sirius asked curiously. “No one.” She replied. “Wrong number.” She added on after seeing the look on his face. “Alright, if you say so.” He said shrugging and retiring to the living room to see what was on pay-per-view. Nothing, he grumbled and went back upstairs for more sleep. “I’m going out for a while Sirius!” She called, recieving a grunt as in answer before leaving.

She arrived home at around 6:00 P.M. and rushed upstairs carrying a bag. “Sirius!” She called looking around the house. “What?” He called from below her. “We have company coming, make yourself decent.” She called. “Are you calling me indecent?” He called on his way upstairs. He tried to get into the bedroom but the door was locked. “How am I supposed to change when I can’t get in there?!” He asked. She opened it the tiniest bit and shoving some of his clothes out into his hands before closing and locking the door again.

The doorbell rang at half past 6. Sirius looked out the window and saw it was Ron with a lady friend. He opened it and ushered them in, closing it breifly after they entered. “Where is Britney?” The girl asked, not giving her name. “Upstairs.” Sirius stated, not asking for it. She to carried a bag. The girl went upstairs and knocked on the bedroom door, he heard it open then close and lock. “So, she lets her in and not me. What do you suppose they are up they’re up to?” Sirius said turning to Ron.

“I don’t know. She has been acting funny since yesterday. Avoiding me and all.” Ron said looking over at the stairs then back to Sirius. “Britney to. What is her name by the way. The girl?” Sirius asked him curiously before sitting on the sofa. Ron took a seat in a softly stuffed armchair. “Jillian. Met her at Hogwarts, we have been dating off and on since.” He said shrugging. He loved her, but he didn’t know how she felt about him. So he hasn’t mentioned it. He nodded slightly. There was a scuffling at the top of the stairs. “Britney?” Sirius called. Not wanting to go up because she tended to throw things when she got upset with him.

“What?” She called back down. “What are you doing?” He asked curiously, glacing over at Ron. “You will find out soon.” She called back. then it went silent again. “Ronald!” Came Jillian’s voice from the top of the stairs. “Come upstairs and walk backwards.” She said to him. He sat silent for a minute, looking over at Sirius as if to say ‘Is she serious?’ “Ron!” She called again, a bit angrier. “I’m coming!” He said standing up and walking carefully backwards up the stairs. Her fury was worse then anything and he knew it from experience during their break-ups. Ron stayed up there until after a while Britney called for him. “Do the same thing Ron did Sirius! And no peeking!” She called. He stood with a sigh and did so. He did try to glance a peek but she threw a brush at him when he did so he looked back and continued.

Something dark green and silky covered his eyes, he could feel it being tied behind his head. He started to ask what she was up to but held his tongue. She steered up back downstairs, telling him when to step and when to turn. Jillian and Ron could be heard just behind them. Though Ron seemed to be getting confused by Britney’s instructions and kept hitting the wall. Jillian laughed when finally they were seated side by side on the couch.

They could both hear a scuffling of feet. “Okay, you can take the blindfolds off now.” Sirius got his off first. More eager to know what they were up to. His jaw fell. Ron then took his off. “Bloody hell.” He whispered, his jaw to falling. Jillian and Britney were standing beside each other, arms linked. Britney was draped in a slinky black garment. It had thin staps and fell to just below her crotch. Jillian was in black and orange, custom-made and made of silk, it fell about the same length as Britney’s. Below the garments matching thongs could be seen. Jillian’s half black, half orange. Britney’s black.

After the long silence Britney and Jillian looked at each other. They put on matching sad facing. Pouting. “You don’t like them?” Jillian whined. “I love it, Sirius can speak for himself.” Ron gasped out, looking Jillian up and down. Not so much as glancing at the other two in the room. He stood and moved over to her, she smiled. He pulled her in from the middle and kissed her rather violently. Sirius stayed seated as Britney slinked in his direction.

She took a seat upon his lap. Her hand ran up his chest and stopped along his jaw line. She kissed him lightly. He wrapped his arms around her waist and smiled. He picked her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he spun her around. Ron and Jillian were still locked in the same kiss, practically groping each other while they were at it.

Sirius shrugged the thought of them off and rushed her upstairs. He closed the bedroom door with his foot and landing both of them on the bed. Locking her in a kiss of his own.Ron didn’t bother moving much. They fell back into the armchair and continued.

Clothes were strewn across the living room and the upstairs bedroom. Ron had found some spare blankets in a closet in the next hallway. He draped one over the sofa and lay down, Jillian lay in front of him before he draped the other blanket over their still bare bodies. Upstairs Britney and Sirius were comfortable in the bed. Most likely conserving energy to go at it again in a few minutes.